40 Developmental Assets Tidbits – Week 2

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Week 2:  40 Developmental Asset training tidbits that will help you become an asset builder!

Remember! Everyone’s an Asset Builder. The 40 Developmental Assets is designed to inform individuals about the Developmental Assets framework and motivates them to be effective asset builders. 

Reminder! Developmental Assets training is a framework. It consists of External Assets and Internal Assets.


External asset categories:

  • Support. Support them with love, care and attention. (Week 1)
  • Empower. Empower them with opportunities to make a difference in their family and community. (Week 2)
  • Boundaries. Establish clear boundaries and set higher expectations. 
  • Engage/Construct. Help them find activities they can engage themselves in  that make constructive use of their time. 

Internal asset categories:

  • Nurture: Nurture their commitment to learning.
  • Positive Values: Instill positive values to guide them. 
  • Social Competencies. Help them develop skills and social competencies.
  • Celebrate: Nurture and celebrate their positive identity.

Within these categories there are 40 ways ANYONE can be an asset builder

Week 2 bring us to Empowerment!

Here are five ways you can empower a young person:

  1. include young people as active participants in events.
  2. Encourage teenagers to take leadership roles in their community.
  3. Do simple acts of community service together. 
  4. Give young people appropriate and important responsibilities within the family.
  5. Teach children and youth how to be safe wherever they go. 

Be intentional. Be an asset builder.

Next Week: Boundaries & Expectations


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