40 Developmental Assets Tidbits – Week 3

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Week 3:  40 Developmental Asset training tidbits that will help you become an asset builder!

Week 3 reminds us of another External Asset that we can use. Boundaries and Expectations!

  • Family Boundaries | Family has clear rules and consequences and monitors the young person’s whereabouts. For example: Always ask where your children are going, with whom and when they will be home; Learn to be flexible and look at the larger picture when setting boundaries, be fair but firm.
  • School Boundaries | School provides clear rules and consequences. For example: School should be a safe place for your child. If your child is being teased or bullied make sure to talk to your child’s teacher. 
  • Neighborhood Boundaries | Neighbors take responsibility for monitoring young people’s behavior. For example: Meet the parents of your children’s friends; Be the house that the kids want to come to – be calm but firm in establishing order if they become to rowdy; Take time to praise the actions of children in your neighborhood.
  • Adult Role Models | Parent(s) and other adults model positive, responsible behavior. For example: Know when to say you’re sorry – keep it honest and sincere; Keep the relationships you have with other adults happy and healthy, everyone benefits; Show them you’re brave enough to try again even if you’re embarrassed. 
  • Positive Peer Influence | Young person’s best friends model responsible behavior. 
  • High Expectations | Both parent(s) and teachers encourage the young person to do well.

Remember! Everyone’s an Asset Builder. The 40 Developmental Assets is designed to inform individuals about the Developmental Assets framework and motivates them to be effective asset builders. 

Be intentional. Be an asset builder.

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