40 Developmental Assets Training Tidbits – Week 5

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Week 5:  40 Developmental Assets training tidbits that will help you become a better asset builder!

Week 5 begins our look at Internal Assets! Internal assets are broken down into four categories: Nurturing, Positive Values, Social Competencies and Celebrations. 

Nurturing a child’s Commitment to Learning is the first of the internal assets. Here are some ways in which you can nurture a child’s commitment to learning:

Achievement Motivation. Set goals for a child that will motivate them! Choose goals that are easy, simple and doable. Ask a young person to teach YOU a new skill.

School Engagement. When you talk about school say positive and encouraging. Let your children know you believe their education and learning experiences are important! Show care and concern for your neighbors by offering a helping hand with homework or school projects. 

Homework/School Work: When a child sits down to do school work, sit with them; write a letter, pay bills, balance your checkbook. Encourage children to form study groups if appropriate. Engage in a neighborhood book swap or reading challenge.

Bonding to School: Encourage engagement in school activities. Help your child with a school wide service project or create your own! Purchase, if able, school spirit wear to show support and pride. 

Reading for Pleasure: Ask a teenager to recommend a favorite book! Read the book and then engage in a conversation about it. Read as a family for 15 minutes each night without cell phones, televisions or electronic media available. 

Next week we will look at Positive Values and ways in which to more assets!

Remember! Everyone’s an Asset Builder. The 40 Developmental Assets is designed to inform individuals about the Developmental Assets framework and motivates them to be effective asset builders. 

Be intentional. Be an asset builder.



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