40 Developmental Assets training Tidbits – Week 6

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Week 6:  40 Developmental Assets training tidbits that will help you become a better asset builder!

Nurturing a child’s Positive Values is the second of the four internal assets. Here are some ways in which you can create positive values in the life of a child or adolescent:

Caring.  Remember that mistakes are a part of living and growing. Help children understand the role of voluntarism in their community. Praise them for their efforts when they show caring and responsible actions. 

Equity and Social Justice.  Identify people (past or present) who have worked for social justice. Discuss their impact on their community or world.

Integrity.  Help children identity what they believe in. Write down those beliefs and post them where you are able to see them. 

Honesty. Help children learn to live honestly. Teach them to return the extra if given too much, play fair, own up to fibs or made-up-excuses.  Keep in mind that kids will lie because it seems safer than telling the truth. If you suspect your child is lying, try to get at the reason.  When children are honest with you about problems, concerns, or sensitive topics, praise them!

Responsibility.  Don’t always bail children out of trouble. Help them learn from their mistakes.  Discuss the cost of items you buy and how you make decisions about purchasing those things. Encourage children to be responsible for a family pet. Teach children to take responsibly for their own actions, thoughts, and words.

Restraint. Talk with your kids about real life issues like drugs, alcohol and sexuality. Let them know your values and expectations. 

Next week we will look at social competencies and ways in which to more assets!

Remember! Everyone’s an Asset Builder. The 40 Developmental Assets is designed to inform individuals about the Developmental Assets framework and motivates them to be effective asset builders. 

Be intentional. Be an asset builder.


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