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This was a letter to the editor written by Judy Soderstrom, Former State Representative, and published in the Kanabec County Times on August 1st, 2013. Click here to view the original letter.

To the Editor:

Congratulations to the Pine County Sheriff’s Department on turning up the large marijuana growing operation.

Regardless of anyone’s views on this drug, the sheriff’s department’s work will prevent a lot of damage and heartache to a lot of people.

Some say marijuana is a harmless substance, but at best, it is a gateway drug that leads many people to seek a stronger high from drugs that are much more addictive and inflict much more damage to the abusers and the abusers’ families.

I noticed during the past Legislative session that Representative Tim Faust was co-author of the bill to legalize “medical marijuana.” The argument for this bill is to allow a small number of medical patients to use the drug for relief from pain and nausea.

However, many supporters of legalizing this “gateway drug” see this legislation as a “gateway bill” to broader legalization of marijuana for recreational use. Law enforcement is opposed to legalizing medical marijuana because they know it is a slippery slope, and Faust should know better, too.

Judy Soderstrom
Former State Representative

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