A safe school year starts here!

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The Jacob Wetterling Resource Center want to make sure the children in your life have a safe and happy school year! Back-to-school means new friends, new things to learn, and new people to be around every day. That is why it is more important than ever to talk to the children in your life about their safety net of 5.

We believe every child should be able to name 5 grown-ups in their lives that they can go to with anything–if they are in trouble, sad, scared, or have a question.  

We say 5, because sometimes the first person a child tells doesn’t know how to help. We say 5, because sometimes it is a person on the safety net asking the child to break a body safety rule, so then the child can reach out to someone else. We say 5, because every child should be supported by adults who want to see them grow up safe and strong. 

Even with the safety net of 5, most children don’t tell anyone when there is a problem. Child safety is an adult responsibility. Pay attention to the people coming in and out of your child’s life. Remind your child they can talk to you about ANY person who asks them to break a safety rule, even if it’s someone the family knows and likes. Reinforce that you would want to know about that person, and your child will not be in trouble for telling you. 

Back-to-school is an exciting time full of new experiences–help make this year safe and happy for the children in your life by talking to them about their net of 5!


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