Asset No. 10 of 40 | Safety

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Safety | Young person feels safe at home, school, and in the neighborhood.


  • Create a loving, violence-free, safe home environment.
  • If weapons are ever part of a bullying threat, take the threat seriously.  The police need to be kept informed.
  • Talk with your teen about the connection between driving and emotions.  Point out that driving while angry, sad, or preoccupied can be as dangerous as drinking and driving.  New drivers need to be in control of their own emotions and alert to the reactions of other drivers.
  • Remove yourself from a situation immediately if you ever feel troubled enough to use physical or emotional violence against your teenager.  Leave the room–go for a walk, visit a neighbor, call a trusted friend or counselor–but physically go somewhere else and calm down.
  • Parents must decide when a teen’s welfare or the welfare of others is seriously endangered, and take action.  If your child is engaging in risky behaviors of any sort, it’s time to intervene, monitor behavior closely, and perhaps seek professional support.

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