Asset No. 11 of 40 | Family Boundaries

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 Boundaries and Expectations

Family Boundaries | Family has clear rules and consequences and monitors the young person’s whereabouts.


  • Always ask where your kids are going, with whom, and when they’ll be home.
  • The next time your child lashes out at you, try responding with love rather than anger, such as, “I’m sorry you’re feeling that way right now.  I love you, but it’s not okay to act this way.”
  • Learn to be flexible when setting boundaries and to take the long view.  Trends come and go and always will.
  • Invest in high-quality Internet software that can track all activity, including chats, email, and Web access.  Let your teens know you will regularly check on what they are doing online (and then be sure to do it).
  • If possible, keep computers in the common areas of your home, not in bedrooms, offices, or other rooms where kids can spend long periods of time unsupervised.

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