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  Constructive Use of Time

Time at Home | Young person is out with friends “with nothing special to do” two or fewer nights per week.


  • Make sure your kids’ time at home is constructive by setting aside at least one evening a week as family time.  Play games, have a family book club, make dinner together, or go on walks, taking a different route each week.
  • Limit their time on TV, computer, and video games.  Many young people choose to be active when not glued to a screen.
  • Set aside media-free family time on evenings or weekends.  Play games, read aloud together, toast marshmallows, listen to music, play outside, go on an outing, or plan some other enjoyable activity together.
  • As much as possible, honor mealtimes as “connecting times”.  Don’t watch TV or stand over the sink as you eat!
  • Many preteens and teens start dropping activities and wanting to spend more time “hanging out”.  Be patient, but also encourage your child to find another activity to try and get involved in.

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