Asset No. 29 of 40 | Honesty

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40 Dev POS VALUES icon  Positive Values

Honesty | Young person “tells the truth even when it is not easy.”


  • Realize that asking demanding questions (“Did you throw that at your sister?”), when you already know the answers, may corner them into lies if they think you might be fooled (“No, I dropped it and it hit her.”)
  • Live honestly, even when it’s “no big deal”.  Return the extra if given too much change, play fair, own up to fibs or made-up excuses.
  • Make it a game to find dishonesty in advertising.  Discuss why companies might want to mislead people or hide some information.
  • When you children are honest with you about problems, concerns, or sensitive topics, praise them, even if you don’t like what you have been told.  Separate honesty from other issues.
  • Keep in mind that kids ususally lie because it seems safer than telling the truth.  If you suspect your child is lying, try to get at the reason.  Say, for example, “I’m having a hard time believing this story, did something happen that you’re afraid to tell me?”  Or, “There seems to be more to this than what you’re saying, what else is bothering you?”

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