Asset No. 31 of 40 | Restraint

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40 Dev POS VALUES icon  Positive Values

Restraint | Young person believes it is important not to be sexually active or to use alcohol or other drugs.


  • Talk with your kids about real-life stuff like drugs, alcohol, and sexuality. Let them know your values and expectations.
  • Talk to your kids–boys and girls–about how to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. If you don’t, you can be sure someone will and they may not share your wisdom.
  • Some teens think that all parties have to be unsupervised and involve drinking or other illegal activities. Help your children plan fun, “dry” parties at your home or another safe location.
  • Don’t laugh at or glorify the behavior or people who have had too much to drink, even on television or in movies.
  • Let your teen know it’s so important to you that they don’t drink, that you will always provide a no-questions-asked-at-the-time ride home if they end up at a party where there is alcohol.
  • Seize opportune moments to talk, such as after watching a movie or show together that contains content about sexual relationships (even those considered “family” shows often do).

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