Asset No. 36 of 40 | Peaceful Conflict Resolution

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40 Dev SOCIAL COMP icon  Social Competencies

Peaceful Conflict Resolution | Young person seeks to resolve conflict nonviolently.


  • Forgive people of all ages when they make mistakes. Teach young people how to apologize, explain, negotiate, and resolve conflicts peacefully when relationships run into trouble.
  • If your children hit each other (or kick, bite, and pull each other’s hair), don’t just chalk it up to “kids being kids”. Explain why it isn’t right to hurt someone else, and mediate an apology.
  • Teach your children about nonviolent resistance by reading about Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, and other nonviolent leaders.
  • Know when to tell your children you’re sorry. Keep it honest and sincere, avoiding the temptation to soothe your own conscience by offering gifts or other indulgences unrelated to the situation.
  • Allow family members to leave discussions when they are too angry or upset to resolve conflicts peacefully and reasonably. Agree on a time to try again.

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