Asset No. 37 of 40 | Personal Power

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40 Dev POS IDENTITY icon  Positive Identity

Personal Power | Young person feels he or she has control over “things that happen to me”.


  • The most important piece of the self-esteem puzzle is personal power–the sense your child gets from knowing they can have an effect on their world. Finding ways for your child to set a goal and achieve it is important.
  • Help your child learn to brainstorm and choose solutions to problems so that he or she learns to be empowered.
  • A child’s personal power (self-esteem) might come from successful team work, a rewarding service activity, or remembering to do chores without being told. Look for ways to identify and recognize your child’s growing personal power.
  • As you watch your teen become more empowered and self-assured, have ongoing conversations about the new responsibilities this age brings and about your confidence in their ability to navigate their expanding world.
  • Help your children understand the difference(s) between what we can and can’t control. For example, we can control what we say and do; we can’t control what other people say and do.

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