Asset No. 38 of 40 | Self-Esteem

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40 Dev POS IDENTITY icon  Positive Identity

Self-Esteem | Young person reports having a high self-esteem.


  • Talk openly and positively about changes happening in your children’s bodies–growth spurts and puberty. When your son’s voice begins to change or your daughter gets her period, celebrate in a way that suits your child–perhaps a special dinner or outing.
  • Tell your children how proud you are of them. Be sure to let them know you enjoy their company.
  • When teen acne appears, help children explore options for effectively treating it with frequent face washing, over-the-counter products, and/or dermatologist-prescribed medication.
  • Tell your kids what’s special about them and that your love for them will never end. Some parents think children just know these things. They won’t, unless they hear it directly from you.

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