CVS Stores Set Tobacco Free Example

imagesIn the recent news, the major pharmacy chain CVS announced that it is going to stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco products in all its stores by October 1st of this year. CVS is sending a powerful message in its commitment to the health and wellness of its customers and hopes to pave the way for others to follow. The health problems caused by tobacco are no secret and even though fewer people smoke today, 19% of Americans are still lighting up. That is why CVS is also taking initiative to help people quit by launching a national smoking-cessation program in the spring. The program with offer information and treatment on quitting smoking and using other tobacco products.

“This is an important, bold decision by a major retail pharmacy to act on the long understood reality that blending providing health care and providing cigarettes just doesn’t match.” – Dr. Richard Wender, chief cancer control officer at the American Cancer Society

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