Featured SACK Member, Shannon Long

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Shannon Long 2015Member Since:  November 2014

I graduated from Ogilvie High School and than I went to college at St. Cloud State University.  For the past 11 years I have been a Special Education Teacher.  Throughout my teaching career, I have noticed that a lot of the students I have worked with are impacted by life style choices of their families and friends.  By joining SACK, I was hoping to find more resources to provide to the students and families I work with.  I was surprised to see how many people wanted to come together to help people of Kanabec County make healthier choices and a healthier community.

 What is one talent or skill that you bring to SACK? 

One talent or skill that I bring to SACK is being an Advocate for students/children through being a Teacher/Family Facilitator and Community Member.  I like to advocate for positive things happening in the Community from having a Club for students/children to hang out and do things to being a role model for the students to look up through out their life. 

What are you most interested in or passionate about when it comes to preventing youth substance use? 

When it comes to preventing youth substance use, I am the most interested in or passionate about getting the families and community involved by providing positive activities for the youth to be involved in through out the community.  With my involvement in the Mora Above the Influence Club with 5th & 6th graders, I enjoy being able to guide them in doing more positive activities and random acts of kindness throughout the school and community to hopefully guide them to make awesome choices about themselves and throughout the community. 

What have you gained by being involved with SACK? 

What I have gained by being involved with SACK is to know that there are other community members who share the same interest or passion about doing things throughout the community to help the youth be positive role models, who also want to make Kanabec County a healthy community to live in, work in and be active participants.

 What is one hope you have for future generations in the community?

 One hope I have for future generations in the community would be that we have made an impact in that they have been substance free and/or made good choices to go onto a successful life and come back to Kanabec County in some way or form to help with future generations make better choices.

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