Fewer Minnesotans are smoking

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The 2014 Minnesota Adult Tobacco Survey was recently released… and it’s got some great news!  The adult smoking rate in Minnesota decreased to 14% from 16.1% just four years ago.

One of the great contributors to this decline: the 2013 tobacco tax. We worked hard to raise the price of tobacco in Minnesota, and it was effective. Less Minnesotans are smoking; and the majority credit the price increase as one of their motivations to quit.

Another win was a significant decrease in smoking among young adults, ages 18-24. Throughout history, this age group has typically seen the highest smoking rates, but the latest results show a drop from 21.8% to 15.3%.

More Minnesotans also have smoke-free homes, even if they are smokers, themselves. Nearly 90% of Minnesotans do not allow smoking in their homes, which is great for the health of all!

Even in the face of these great successes, we must remember there are still approximately 580,000 smokers in Minnesota, many that represent our most vulnerable populations. We still have work to do, but these results show the work we have accomplished so far is meeting our mission to reduce tobacco’s harm in our great state.

Are you interested in checking out more of the results? Click here to see more.

Source:  http://cravethechange.com/the-latest/

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