Graduation Party Do’s and Don’ts

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Spring is a great time for celebration!  Whether you and your teen are planning a graduation party, attending a graduation party or will be out-of-town and leaving your teens alone, there are several tips for a safe and fun time for all . 

Planning  a Party:  Plan your party in advance and create a guest list. 

  • No uninvited guests.
  • You should agree to specific rules ahead of time.  These rules should include, no drugs, alcohol or tobacco. 
  • Guest should not be allowed to return after leaving.  This encourages people from leaving with the intent of drinking or using drugs in their cars or elsewhere and then returning to the party.  
  • Designate certain rooms as off-limits. 
  • There should be a responsible adult visible at all times.  
  • Notify any parents if their teenager is acting like they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 
  • Notify the police when giving a large party. Discuss with them an agreeable parking plan. Let police know whom to contact in case of complaints. 
  • Serve food and non-alcoholic drinks. 
  • Make sure you have lots of activities ahead of time, such as movies, dancing, sports, etc.

You may be liable both to criminal charges and for monetary damages in a civil lawsuit if you furnish alcohol and other drugs to a minor. 


Attending a Party:  Make sure that you discuss all the details of the party with your teen, what your expectations are about alcohol, drugs and tobacco. 

  • You should contact the host of the party and let them know that your teen is not allowed to drink or smoke.
  • Find out if there is any alcohol at the party.
  • Ask if the party supervised by an adult and provide your phone number to the party host.  
  • Set a curfew. 
  • Know how your teen will get to and from the party, tell your teen to call or text you when they have arrive at the party and when they leave the party. 
  • If there is a change in plans it requires your prior approval. 
  • If necessary offer them a  safe ride home. 
  • Create a plan if there is alcohol, tobacco or drugs are present at the party. 
  • Tell your teen that is never acceptable to get into a car with someone who has been drinking or using drugs.

Going out of Town:  Homes of absent parents become frequent party sites. 

  • Tell your teens they are not allowed to have guests when you are not home.  
  • Let them know what their responsibilities are and what the consequences of their actions will be. 
  • Make sure that there is a responsible adult staying at your home when you are out-of-town and that they know your rules. 
  • Tell your teen they cannot attend a party when there is no parent home.  
  • Let your neighbors know that you are out-of-town and to call the police with suspicious activity and be clear that there are no parties allowed. 
  • Call the parents of your teen’s friends and let them know the dates you will not be home. 
  • Lock up all your medicines, alcohol and tobacco.

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