Medicine Abuse Awareness #PreventMedAbuse

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Only 54% of tweens know over-the-counter (OTC) medicine can be dangerous when misused. 

Help prevent medicine abuse: TALK to your teen about prescription and OTC cough medicine abuse. Teens listen, even if they act like they don’t. In fact, teens who learn about the risks of drugs from their parents are 50 percent less likely to use drugs.

SAFEGUARD your medicine cabinets. Take steps to protect your teens by safeguarding all the medicines you have in your home. Know what you have and how much, so you will know if anything is missing. Discard any medicines you no longer need.

SHARE what you have learned.

SPEAK UP at school meetings, sports events, community events and other gatherings of parents – to make sure others active in your teen’s day-to-day activities know about the dangers of medicine abuse. Circulate articles via your school listserv or write an opinion editorial to your local newspaper. Blog, Facebook or Tweet about it to alert your friends and peers.

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