Parents, are your teens looking for summertime activites?

I’m bored, I’ve got nothing to do.  How many times have we heard that from our teens?   Keep your teens busy and active during the summer months, suggest one of the following activities:

  1. Swim at Mora or Ogilvie pools
  2. Play football
  3. Play basketball
  4. Play volleyball
  5. Play tennis
  6. Participate in school sports
  7. Play dodgeball
  8. Act in a school or community theater play
  9. Play music
  10. Listen to music

For a complete list of 101 activities to do in Kanabec County, click here.

If nothing sparks an interest from that list, how about suggesting that they find a job?  Maybe working outside at a water and amusement park,  parks and recreation or as a dog walker.  For a list of the top 10 jobs for teens click here.

If your teen has never looked for a summer job and unsure how to start looking, parents can help them with the process.  For tips, please click here.

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