SACK Partners & Members

How to Get Involved

Please contact: 
Patti Miller
Health Coordinator
phone: 320-679-6321

SACK Chair and Co-Chair:
Barbara McFadden, Chair
Sandy Juettner, Co-Chair
SACK Members:
Amber Aasen
Amber Smith  
Barbara McFadden  
Brian Smith
Brent Thompson 
Cally Hanson
Casey Comstock  
Char Weidendorf
Christine Sand  
Danielle Linkert
Deb Wright  
Doris Mork
Dylan Kringstad  
Jared Jensen
Jenilee Tealander
Jessica Sterbentz
Jessica Swan
Joy Wuestenhagen
Judy Soderstrom
Katie Raverty
Kathy Johnsen  
Kirsten Faurie
Lenore Martens  
Les Nielsen  
Lucille Schultz  
Pastor Marlin Harris
Megan Bohlman
Nick Bakke  
Noah Shepard
Paula W.  
Sandy Juettner  
Sarah Ellstrom
Sara Rossow  
Sarah Peterson  
Shannon Long
Sue Davis  
Seth Currier


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