Volunteer, Brent Thompson

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Member Since:  03/08/2011

Why did you choose to become a member of SACK?

I believe it’s a responsibility of mine as a pharmacist and a provider of health care in our community. It’s important for SACK to include folks who are knowledgeable in drugs.

 What is one talent or skill that you bring to SACK?

Pharmacists are medication experts with years of work and study of chemicals in the body. Whether we are discussing illicit substances, prescription drugs of abuse, alcohol, or tobacco this expertise can be tapped.

What are you most interested in or passionate about when it comes to preventing youth substance use?

I’m most concerned they are able to make informed decisions. Bad decisions will likely continue, however I think it’s only fair our youth at least know the dangers and alternatives. I know that, in itself, will save many lives.

What you have gained by being involved with SACK?

A solid reality check about what substances are currently being used in the community, what’s being done about it, and the generous support of the many folks helping.

What is one hope you have for future generations in this community?

Related to SACK, one hope for future generations in our community would be the ability to have fun safely, responsibly, and in a manner that is respectful of others.