Volunteer, Christine Sand

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Sand, ChristineMember Since:  03/21/14

Why did you choose to become a member of SACK?

I have a story to tell.  I wanted my story to make a difference not just to receive pity.  Being a victim of a drunk driving crash comes with scars but to me it also comes with a duty to prevent future crashes.

 What is one talent or skill that you bring to SACK?

I know how to talk!!!! I like to talk!!!! I like to think that my talking is my talent.  I don’t make small talk very easily and I do not like to debate.  But I love to have conversations that have purpose – even if that purpose is to make a new friend.

What are you most interested in or passionate about when it comes to preventing youth substance use?

I grew up with a family history of alcoholism. I know what it is like to think that ‘this is life, this is the way everyone is’ and also to think it is inevitable that my life will be the same. I want to try to make youth understand that the control is all theirs. They can make the choice and groups like SACK can give them the tools to make those life changing decisions.

What you have gained by being involved with SACK?

I have gained a better understanding of myself.  I really like to talk in front of people (just don’t spread that around), but again I don’t like to debate – so there is a double edge sword there because there is always someone who wants to challenge me on my ‘facts’, try to change my mind (good  luck with that). 

What is one hope you have for future generations in this community?

I hope that our youth come to understand that this community LOVES them. We want them to be safe, happy and healthy. We want to wrap them in bubble wrap and protect them. While I know we can’t do that, we can give them the skills to make life long, life strengthening decisions.