Volunteer, Lenore Martens

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Member Since:  07/01/2006

Why did you choose to become a member of SACK?

I chose to become a member of SACK because I had been writing grants and working with drug prevention while I was employed at Mora Schools.  The first grant received in 2006 by Kanabec County was the Planning and Implementation Grant from the Department of Human Services, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division, which ended in June 2011.  I wanted to assist in any way to promote safe and healthy choices and respond to problems caused by alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs in our community.

What is one talent or skill that you bring to SACK?

The talent or skill that I brought to SACK was the implementation of the Prevention Curriculum in Mora Schools, which built skills in students relating to health promotion and personal development.  The educational components consisted of the following programs: LifeSkills Training, Project Northland, Class Action, Reconnecting Youth, and CASASTART.

What are you most interested in or passionate about when it comes to preventing youth substance use?

I am most interested or passionate about continuing the prevention education and activities that SACK has implemented in the school and community (i.e., Healthy Communities Celebration/Town Hall Meeting, Prescription Opioid and Substance Abuse Screening Program, Responsible Beverage Server Training, Take Back Day, Tobacco Diversion Classes, Youth Leadership Classes, Social Host Ordinances…just to list a few!

What you have gained by being involved with SACK?

I have gained a lot of knowledge about fiscal responsibility and eliminating overlapping programming within our community.  Also, I have seen how collaborative forces focusing on the same goals can accomplish positive change such as our coalition website, compliance checks, and postive community norm change.

What is one hope you have for future generations in this community?

It is my hope that future generations within our community will embrace the second awarded Drug-Free Communities grant from the Office of National Drug Control Policy and work countywide to enthusiastically continue with prevention programming and awareness.