Volunteer, Sandy Juettner

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Why did you choose to become a member of SACK?

I was contacted by Lori Swanson several years ago as the coalition was looking into developing a web site. It took some time, but eventually she was able to get funding and approval. As technology changed, so did the site and we added blogs, Facebook and Twitter. We received funding for mass media and produced several media campaigns, videos with the students, and became more actively involved with the school youth groups. I became a member because I was very impressed with the quality of the people and the community sectors involved In the coalition and its focus on prevention among youth and young adults. I wanted to help where I could, I wanted to be part of the coalition, so I joined.

What is one talent or skill that you bring to SACK?

I have extensive experience in business management, advertising, communication, and marketing strategy.  I enjoy working with diverse groups of people from all age groups and walks of life and enjoy working with our coalition members.

What are you most interested in or passionate about when it comes to preventing youth substance use?

Kids need to know the truth about abusing drugs or alcohol and how it can affect their future.  Just knowing the facts can help you make the right decisions.  I am passionate about helping to present those facts and to offer skill development, assurance, resilience, encouragement, and all the things that can contribute to helping create an environment where our youth can succeed.

What you have gained by being involved with SACK?

I have learned a great deal from all the training and conferences I have attended and I have gained a great group of new friends. It has been very satisfying working with everybody coming up with ideas and developing projects.

What is one hope you have for future generations in this community?

We live in such a wonderful community. My hope is that we can pass on the strong values that we have cultivated over the years, preserve our heritage, and revive growth and economic stability so our children will be able to thrive, live and work here.