Positivity in the Park!

Positivity! It is something we hear often. “Accentuate the Positive”, “Stay Positive”, “Focus on the Positive”, but what is positivity? Is it encouraging? Is it expressive? Is positivity a feature or characteristic? Maybe for you it’s all of those things, and maybe it means more. Each of us have our own way of creating positivity in our lives, most of us would agree that positive attitudes, or positive influences, make the way we feel about ourselves and our surroundings better.

In mid-March members of the Mora High Schools Above the Influence (ATI) group began working on ways to change the stigma associated with the Library Park. They met with local law enforcement officials, the City of Mora Park and Recreation Board, East Central Regional Library Director, and other community members to identify ways in which they could improve the negativity the park has been associated with over the last several years. The culmination of their ideas and feedback they received, led them back to the word “positivity”!  Inviting positive elements to the park on a consistent basis by encouraging positive behavior with activities was one of the most economical ways they identified. They felt that positive activities happening more often in the park would effectively create a better atmosphere and to encourage children and families to utilize Library Park more frequently.  

To kick off their “Positivity Initiative” the ATI students and SACK are hosting the first, “Positivity in the Park” event from 4:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 17th. In addition to a FREE meal (hot dogs, fruit, chips, and a beverage), there will be games and activities from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m.  Activities will include: basketball games, free throw contest, sidewalk art, yoga, face painting, volleyball games and instruction, music, food, and FUN! There will be other community partners involved, sharing their message and plans for other positive park events.

The mission of the Substance Abuse Coalition of Kanabec County (SACK) is to promote better choices in the community through collaborative partnerships that will help reduce substance use among youth and residents in Kanabec County. SACK envisions a community of people who embrace and enjoy life fully, and who reject the cultural pressure to abuse alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Mora High Schools Above the Influence (ATI) and Ogilvie Schools We Act Now (OWN It!) youth groups add an influential role in helping to accomplish SACK’s vision. Essential partners in SACK’s success in primary youth prevention are the youth groups in both Mora and Ogilvie schools. They discuss ways students can stay substance free, ways they can promote and make better choices and ways to become community stewards in preventing substance use and abuse.

We are Better Together, and together we can bring positivity back to the Library Park!

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