Prescription Drug Safety During the Holidays and Beyond

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During the holidays many of us will have guests in our homes. Before having visitors, take time to inventory any prescription drugs that you have in your possession. This is a great time to discard of any medications you may not be using and put others in a safe and secure location.

Too often curious or unassuming visitors are able to secure prescription drugs from homes they are visiting. Every day in the US, 2,500 youth (12-17) abuse a prescription pain reliever for the first time.  The average age of a first time user is now 13 to 14. Shocking as that may seem, this is a real issue facing communities all across the United States and is an epidemic not to be ignored.

If you have medication that you need to dispose of please do not flush those medications down the toilet, they could end up in our water supply.  Instead we encourage you to use our Prescription and Non Prescription Drug Drop Box located at the Kanabec County Jail.  This drop box is a safe, convenient and completely confidential way to dispose of unwanted and unused medication.

This is an easy way to prevent misuse before it starts. Lock up you medication and dispose of unused or unwanted medication property.

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