Shoulder to Shoulder- A Parent Resource on the Web

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As a parent, have you every found yourself thinking:

  • How do I know if my teen is using alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs?
  • How can I monitor my kids will I am working?
  • Why does everything have to be a battle with my child?

A website called Shoulder to Shoulder- Raising Teens Together is an excellent resource created by the Adolescent Health Consortuim with a mission to share practical, evidence-based information and tools to support parents of teens and other caring adults that can assist in answering some of those difficult questions.  Funding for this project was initially provided by the Minnesota Tobacco Endowment for Youth Risk Behavior Initiative, and federal TANF Family Home Visiting/Teen Pregnancy Prevention funding.  Shoulder to Shoulder also provides an opportunity for parent to parent blogging, a satisfaction survey, and a tip of the week!  Click here to learn more.

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