ATI and OWN It! youth attend WE Day!

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Mora ATI


Mora Above the Influence shared a photo of their group at WE Day on Sept. 20th

Amber Aasen, Ogilvie High Counselor, attended WE Day with the youth students on Sept. 20th.  This is what she had to say about the exciting experience.

There were a few speakers that I didn’t expect our kids to really like, but they did. Buzz Aldrin (astronaut) was there and it was so cool to hear him speak! He talked about perseverance and how he didn’t get accepted into the NASA program right away. Some of his pictures from his walk on the moon were shown, and he said that he took the first selfie 50 years ago!

George Takeai from Star Trek was also there. He talked about his early life around the time of WWII and his family were prisoners. He discussed what this was like and how resilient kids can be because he was able to adjust to this new way of life after Pearl Harbor was bombed.

Lily Singh is a YouTube star that talks about “girl love.” She discussed how girls tend to target one another out of jealousy. She was very inspirational and I feel that the students were really able to connect with her.

Paula Abdul was also a speaker. She talked about not being able to afford ballet classes so she “paid” for the classes by cleaning the bathrooms and mirrors in the studio.

One of our favorite performers- Jordan Smith won The Voice last year. His voice was incredible, but for one of the songs, a drum line from a metro school came in to play with him- it was amazing and gave me chills! Overall a very fun year again at WE Day. We will be discussing the day at our OWN It! meeting this week.

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