WE Scare Hunger!

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Thirteen percent of American households are in a state of food insecurity, meaning they are unable to access a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. Without enough food, many people feel the effects of short-term hunger, like headaches, nausea and the inability to concentrate.

Pre-existing health issues are worsened by hunger, making it harder for families to earn money for food. Each year, over 40 million Americans turn to food banks for help—12 million are children.

People seeking food assistance come from all walks of life. Employment is no guarantee that someone will never struggle to provide enough food for their family. In fact, approximately 25 million individuals from working households access foodbanks, and most report regularly depending on the food bank to survive.

WE Scare Hunger is an annual food drive promoted by Own It! and ATI youth groups, sponsored by SACK. Kanabec County employees are urged to make donations at their agency (i.e. Public Health, Family Services, Sheriff’s Office, Court Administration, etc.) All donations collected will be divided between the Mora Schools, Ogilvie Schools and the Mora Food Pantry.

Needed items include: Easy Mac, bottled water, canned goods with easy open lids, cereal, crackers, dried fruit, nuts, granola bars, cup of soups, and other items easily opened without can openers or other kitchen aids. 

Donations accepted until October 31st. If you have questions, please contact Patti at 320-679-6321 or patti.miller@co.kanabec.mn.us

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