What is a chemical dependency assessment?

A chemical dependency assessment will include an interview with a counselor in which the individual’s chemical use will be reviewed along with the impact of that use on the individual’s daily life and relationships.  The assessment may also include an individual diagnostic test, review of relevant medical, legal, mental health and previous treatment records, a physical screening and assessment for detoxification and interviews with other people in that individual’s life.  Assessments should address each individual’s unique needs.

Who do I call for an assessment?

If you have health insurance or coverage through a managed care organization, call the member services number on the back of your member card or call the social service agency of the county in which you live.  If you live on a tribal reservation, call the tribal office.  Anyone can request an assessment for him/herself or for another person.  The county or tribal agency must provide the assessment.

If you are currently enrolled in a managed care plan under MinnesotaCare or PMAP (pre-paid medical assistance or pre-paid general assistance medical care), you should call the number on the back of your enrollment card to see where to go for your assessment.

For Kanabec County residents, call Kanabec County Family Services at 320-679-6350.