Asset No. 33 of 40 | Interpersonal Competence

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40 Dev SOCIAL COMP icon  Social Competencies

Interpersonal Competence | Young person has empathy, sensitivity, and friendship skills.


  • Remind your children that they need to treat you with respect, such as saying please and thank you, and acknowledging your presence!
  • Make it a policy to never speak poorly of others in your home.
  • Use “active listening” with your children: Ask good questions, paraphrase what they say to make sure you understand, and show that you empathize with what they are saying.
  • Teach your children–through modeling and explanation–how to use “I” statements to express feelings to one another without making accusations (for example: “I feel angry when you say that”, instead of “You make me so mad”, or “You are so stupid”.
  • Encourage your child to develop friendships of all ages in a number of different settings, such as school, a faith community, your neighborhood, or your extended family.

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