Asset No. 35 of 40 | Resistance Skills

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40 Dev SOCIAL COMP icon  Social Competencies

Resistance Skills | Young person can resist negative peer pressure and dangerous situations.


  • Be aware that some young people participate in unhealthy rites of passage involving things like hazing, gambling, sexual activity, or substance use. Talk with your children about how their peers mark life changes. Then, together with your children, make some positive plans of your own.
  • Peer pressure can be a powerful motivator and becomes more so as your child matures. Talk about the importance of thinking for oneself. Encourage your child to believe in the value of her own good choices.
  • Reinforce nonviolent resistance skills, such as walking away, being assertive (although not passive or overly aggressive), and finding someone such as a trained peer mediator to help.
  • Teach your children that kids who pressure them to do things they know they shouldn’t do are not true friends at all. Talk about times when you had to let go of a friendship that wasn’t helpful to you.
  • Affirm your teenagers when they make good choices. They need to hear what they’re doing right.

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