Warp Speed: Parenting in a Digital Age

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Did you know that there is an “app” that can teach someone how to snort a line of cocaine, roll a joint or smoke a virtual cigarette? Technology, while necessary, can be a difficult path to navigate for parents!  Instant gratification of social media, snap chatting, texting, Googling, and more are changing the nature of our thought patterns and expectations, and our brains are reshaping themselves to adapt. Our guest speaker, Jessica Wong’s presentation will provide insight into the teen brain, youth development and how to create a healthy balance in our ever changing tech world! Please consider joining us; you won’t be disappointed! Tuesday, September 26th, 8:30 a.m. – 10 a.m., Kanabec County Jail Training Room. Click here to view flyer!

About the presentation: In today’s fast paced world, technology is evolving more rapidly than our ability to understand its long-term impact on our society and our kids. While the use of technology certainly has its benefits, there are also applications that put our kids at greater risk for developing problems with things such as drugs and alcohol or bullying. This fun, fast-paced and interactive presentation will provide an overview of how kids are using technology, what they are using, the impact technology is having on social and emotional development, and how to help kids use technology in a balanced and safe way.

About the presenter: Jessica oversees a team of individuals whose primary function is to provide resources and education to professionals and families around the topics of addiction, recovery, and mental health. Jessica is currently the Co-Chair of the Partners in Prevention coalition in the west metro community, and is a Certified Prevention Professional by the State of Minnesota.

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